Bernie Sanders T-Shirt Giveaway

April 26, 2016 Smart Apparel

Bernie supporters are some of the kindest most generous people on the planet! So we are giving away one of our most popular Bernie tees (Bernie Sanders for President 60's style t-shirt).

Sanders tee shirts

However, you cannot win it for yourself! Nope, this giveaway is about winning it for SOMEONE ELSE!

To make someone else's day, just go to either our Facebook page and/or Twitter account and on the post about this giveaway—tag as many people as you want who you think would LOVE to wear Bernie t-shirt! Include the hashtag "#BernieGiveaway" to help us track entries.

We will announce the winner on Friday, April 29th via our newsletter—so if you haven’t already signed up for our newsletter, you can do it here. Now go spread your kindness and generosity by winning this shirt for someone else!


  • Brittany Brown

    Apr 27, 2016

    I want to wear this in San Francisco to help get out the California vote! I’m feeling the BERN!

  • Patricia Andrews

    Apr 27, 2016

    I want to win this for my BFF,
    We’re Bernin it all the way to the Convention :)
    We Love Bernie from the Inside Out <3

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