International Observe the Moon Night

October 08, 2017 Smart Apparel

International Observe the Moon Night is October 28th, 2017, and we've picked out some great shirts to help you celebrate and show your support for the night. Learn more about International Observe the Moon Night Apollo Space Program insignia t-shirt NASA T-Shirt - Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Patch graphic teeNASA T-Shirt - Apollo 13 Insignia Graphic t-shirtSaturn V Rocket Silhouette and Moon graphic teeI'm gonna have to science the sh*# out of this! t-shirt  NASA Collection  More NASA shirt options from our Americana Monkey store.

March for Science

January 28, 2017 Smart Apparel

As many of you have heard, there is going to be a March for Science, and for those who haven’t heard, THERE IS GOING TO BE A MARCH FOR SCIENCE!!! When you ask? It will be announced sometime next week. According to the Scientists' March on Washington website, “The March for Science is a diverse, nonpartisan group that defends and celebrates publicly funded and publicly accessible science as a foundation of American freedom and prosperity. Science guides nearly every aspect of our lives and it is critical that political leaders and policymakers support scientific research and incorporate science into their decision...

A Great Gift for Anyone (especially science geeks)!

June 08, 2016 Smart Apparel

Need a fun creative gift?  This post might be able to help you out!  When we started our elemeNtS collection, we set out to create a collection of element shirts that are not only unique but educational.  We feel we’ve accomplished this, but in addition we’ve learned that these shirts make creative gifts with a personal touch. How can an element shirt be personal? There are 3 ways to connect anyone to one of the known elements in our universe! For example:1) If needing a gift for a child turning 6—get them the Carbon t shirt (because its atomic number is...

Bernie Sanders T-Shirt Giveaway

April 26, 2016 Smart Apparel

Bernie supporters are some of the kindest most generous people on the planet! So we are giving away one of our most popular Bernie tees (Bernie Sanders for President 60's style t-shirt). However, you cannot win it for yourself! Nope, this giveaway is about winning it for SOMEONE ELSE! To make someone else's day, just go to either our Facebook page and/or Twitter account and on the post about this giveaway—tag as many people as you want who you think would LOVE to wear Bernie t-shirt! Include the hashtag "#BernieGiveaway" to help us track entries.We will announce the winner on Friday, April...

NASA T-Shirt Collection

January 06, 2016 Smart Apparel

Few organizations have inspired humanity like NASA—it is an organization like none other. It seems many people think of NASA only as a space organization, but NASA is much more than that. Many of our favorite products that we think we couldn’t live without wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for this administration. Yet, NASA is even more than developing technologies that give us great products and sending astronauts into space. Humanity has a long history of asking questions about the cosmos and sadly, humanity has an equally long history of coming to the wrong conclusions. NASA has played a...