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June 08, 2016 Smart Apparel

Need a fun creative gift?  This post might be able to help you out!  When we started our elemeNtS collection, we set out to create a collection of element shirts that are not only unique but educational.  We feel we’ve accomplished this, but in addition we’ve learned that these shirts make creative gifts with a personal touch.

How can an element shirt be personal?

There are 3 ways to connect anyone to one of the known elements in our universe!

For example:Element t shirts

1) If needing a gift for a child turning 6—get them the Carbon t shirt (because its atomic number is 6).  For a child turning 10—get them the Neon t shirt (because its atomic number is 10).

2) If neeElement tee shirtsding a gift for someone who initials are SB —get them an Antimony t shirt (because Sb is the symbol for antimony).  Carl Sagan may have liked to have had a Cesium (Cs) t shirt

*Unfortunately, many aren’t lucky enough to share the same initials as an elements symbol so this won’t work for everyone.

Thorium Th 90 shirt
3) Match the year of one's birth with an elements Atomic Number – so a Thorium t shirt would be the shirt for someone born in 1990.

*If you know someone whose initials and year of birth match the same element don’t miss out on the chance to get them the perfect element shirt.  So, if you know someone born in 1990 whose initials are “TH” you must get them a Thorium t shirt.

There are of course other ways to decide which element shirt someone would like. If they are a fan of Nicolaus Copernicus—get them a Copernicium shirt. If they love Pluto even though it was demoted to a dwarf planet—get them a Plutonium shirt. Do they work with iron? If so, get them an Iron shirt.  Elements make up everything in our universe, so it isn’t too hard to find a shirt someone will appreciate.
element t shirts

Note: We continue to add new element shirts to our store. However, if there is an element that you'd like that is not yet available – please send us a message on Facebook or email us at contact.smartapparel (at) gmail and we will do our best to create that element next.


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