Arecibo Interstellar Message tee shirt

Arecibo Interstellar Message tee shirt
The Arecibo Interstellar Message

On Nov. 16, 1974, a radio signal was transmitted from the Arecibo Observatory to globular cluster M13, about 25.000 light-years distant, far from the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. The signal contained 1.679 bits of information. But 1.679 = 73 x 23, the product of two prime numbers, suggesting that the bits be arranged in a 73 x23 array, which yields the image. The top row establishes a binary counting convention; the second specifies the atomic numbers of the chemical elements hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus, of which we are made. In these terms, the green and blue blocks represent, respectively and numerically, the nucleotides and the sugar-phosphate backbone of DNA. The vertical white block represents the number of nucleotides in the genes of the red creature, of which the total population in the number to its right; and which is as tall as the number to its left (in units of the wave-length of the transmission, 12.6 centimeters). In yellow is the creature's planetary system, the third planet having some particular significance. In violet is the radio-telescope transmitting the message. Its size is given between the horizontal lines.   

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